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Forklift Battery Charging

Our forklift battery charging services allow you to extend the life of your forklift battery at a fraction of the price compared to a full battery replacement. With our battery service, we help you avoid lengthly downtimes with a quick and swift battery recharge, allowing you to resume your job as quickly as possible.

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Expert Forklift Battery Charging Solutions

Trust Ailsa when it comes to expert forklift battery charging solutions. We ensure optimal performance, & longevity of your forklift fleet. The team at Ailsa brings years of experience and expertise, offering tailored forklift charging services specifically designed to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your forklift batteries.

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Seamless Integration for Your Operations

From routine maintenance to rapid forklift charging solutions, we employ the latest techniques and technology to keep your forklift operations running smoothly. At Ailsa Forklifts, we understand how important it is to seamlessly integrate battery charging services into your daily operations. The team at Ailsa work closely with you or your business to develop customized charging schedules, minimizing downtime.

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Proactive Maintenance for Peak Performance

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your forklift batteries are always in top condition with our proactive maintenance approach. By staying ahead of battery maintenance needs, we help you avoid costly breakdowns and ultimately prolong the lifespan of your forklift batteries, keeping your operations running a peak performance level. You can trust Ailsa Forklifts for reliable, expert battery charging services tailored to you or your business needs.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Our team at Ailsa are committed to delivering outstanding customer service every step of the way. Whether it’s giving you the best advice for forklift battery charging, or ensuring dependable maintenance and support, we are committed to surpassing all your expectations!

Why Ailsa?

Look nowhere else when it comes to forklift battery charging. The team at Ailsa in Glasgow have both the knowledge and experience you’re looking form and every truck and forklift listed on our website has both CFTS & LOLER certification – the highest standards in the industry. Get full peace of mind with 2 year full warranty on ALL refurbished trucks and 1 year full warranty on ALL ex-hire trucks.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we are known as Scotland’s #1 choice for forklifts for a reason…

Forklift Battery Charging FAQs –

How Long Does it Take To Charge a Forklift Battery?

Typically, charging a forklift battery can take up to 8 hours, however this depends on several factors. One is battery capacity – larger forklift batteries will typically take longer to charge than smaller batteries. Another factor is the state of the battery – if your forklift battery is fully drained, then it will take a lot longer to charge fully. Lastly, one of the biggest factors is the condition of the battery. Both the age and the condition of the forklift battery can have an influence on charging efficiency.

Is It Safe To Operate a Forklift With a Low Battery?

No – it is generally advised to avoid using your forklift if the battery is low. There are several reasons for this. One is reduced performance – any forklift with a low battery has a high risk of reduced performance such as slower acceleration, and a slow response to controls. Running a forklift with a low battery also runs the risk of damaging equipment and the vehicles components, including the battery itself.

How Often Should a Forklift Battery Be Charged?

As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to charge the forklift battery when it is lower than 30% charge, or roughly after an 8 hour shift.

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