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Looking for a forklift powered with a lithium-ion battery? These specialised forklifts uses lithium-ion batteries as their power source - giving you total peace of mind with a longer forklift lifespan, faster charging, higher energy density, and more. Our lithium-ion forklifts are also environmentally friendly & low maintenance, giving you more time to work on your jobs.

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Longer Lifespans With Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion forklift batteries typically last longer than more traditional lead-acid batteries, reducing the frequency of downtime. Lithium-ion batteries can also be recharged more quickly than lead-acid batteries, allowing for shorter downtime between jobs. There’s no better forklift solution if you’re looking for reliability!

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Minimum Maintenance Required

Traditional lead-acid batteries often require regular washing and cleaning. With a lithium-ion battery powered forklift, no such maintenance is required! Our low maintenance lithium-ion powered forklifts give you even more time to get the job done.

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Environmentally Friendly

Get more environmentally friendly forklifts with lithium-ion battery power! The absence of both lead and sulfuric acid in lithium-ion batteries significantly reduce environmental risks associated with their production, use, and disposal compared to that of more traditional lead-acid batteries.

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Book A Test Drive

Try before you buy! If you’re looking to test drive a lithium-ion forklifts you’re in the right place. Our test drives will allow you to familairise yourself with a lithium-ion forklift and check if it’s the right vehicle for you. Contact the team at Ailsa to book a test drive today.

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Hire With A Driver

Whether it’s a single lift or multiple days onsite we’ve got you covered. Our hire with driver package delivers a safe and hassle-free solution for competitive prices. Lithium-ion forklift driver hire and transport, fully licensed and insured, with just one call.

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Why Ailsa?

Look nowhere else when it comes to hiring a lithium-ion forklift. The experienced team at Ailsa have both the knowledge and experience you’re looking for. Every lithium-ion forklift listed on our website has both CFTS & LOLER certification – the highest standards in the industry. Get full peace of mind with 2 year full warranty on ALL refurbished trucks and 1 year full warranty on ALL ex-hire trucks.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we are known as Scotland’s #1 choice for forklifts for a reason…

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Not sure what forklift you need?

Our experts are here to help. Why not give us a call or visit our showroom? We will make sure you find the right truck for the job.

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